Winter Sun Holiday's in Europe


There are those who hate the season and spend months waiting for the sun to melt the snow and the warm weather to start. But if you don't think you can wait that long to enjoy some sunshine, there are plenty of options in Europe where you can soak up some vitamin D over the winter. So if you are considering a trip somewhere warm this winter, why not head to one of these destinations in Europe!


The Algarve- Portugal

If you are looking for a winter sun destination, which is also easy on the wallet, the Algarve is the place for you. While it may not get the highest temperatures of the winter sun destinations, the weather is still significantly better than in most parts of Europe and there are still enough T-shirt days to make a winter trip here worthwhile.


The Azores

A group of nine volcanic islands in the Atlantic Ocean, the Azores may not get as many visitors as the nearby Canary Islands and Madeira, but that just makes them all the more attractive as a destination. The Azores have been described as a ‘warm Iceland’ as they boast just as much stunning natural scenery and geothermal activity as the Land of Fire and Ice, but with an average daily temperature between 16°C and 18°C. Here you can find geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, and lakes, just as you can in Iceland, the difference being that in the Azores they are all surrounded by lush green sub-tropical vegetation. The islands are also great for whale and dolphin watching. But the best thing about the Azores is that there is no such thing as mass tourism, so you get to enjoy these wonderful islands without the tourist hordes. 



If you have always wanted to head to Athens to see all the marvelous historical sites the city has to offer, winter is the best time to go. With temperatures averaging around 15°C during the day, the climate is mild enough to make sightseeing enjoyable rather than sticky and uncomfortable. These lower temperatures give you the opportunity to hike Mount Lycabettus, explore the Acropolis, and stroll around the quaint districts of Plaka and Monastiraki, all without breaking a sweat and dealing with hordes of tourists. You will also find that accommodation prices drop by about 50% and there are far more rooms available to choose from, making Athens a top pick for a winter sun getaway.



Sicily is a top choice for sun-worshippers and there is no need to miss out on this just because you are traveling in winter. While inland you may see temperatures drop to around 10°C, on the coast, it usually averages between 14°C and 16°C. However, Sicily gives you the opportunity to take advantage of both of these temperatures.


Larnaca- Cyprus

If you want guaranteed sunny weather, Cyprus is the best place to take your winter sun holiday; temperatures here hover between 18°C and 20°C, so you will hardly believe that it is winter at all. If you want to spend your vacation by the sea, Larnaca is a great choice. This city has some of the finest beaches on the whole island, plus its southern location means that the sea is pretty warm, even in the winter months, so it is great for swimming. Diving is also popular, with many heading here to see the wreck of the Zenobia, a ro-ro ferry which sunk off the coast in 1980.

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