The Best Things to do and see in Kraków, Poland


Kraków, a southern Poland city near the border of the Czech Republic, is known for its well-preserved medieval core and Jewish quarter. There's plenty to see and do and makes a great weekend break with the family. 


In the centre of the city, Kraków’s Old Town looks like a picturesque postcard, with its cobbled streets, magnificent architecture the huge Kraków market square, all surrounded by the lush Planty Park.By the river sits the fairy tale Wawel Castle, one of the best places to visit in Kraków, and further down is the cool, trendy part of the city, the Jewish Quarter (Kazimierz).


Main Square in Kraków

The Kraków main square is simply huge! There seems to be a constant festive atmosphere at the main square. It’s always so lively. Market stalls, streets performers (good ones!) and lots of people walking around any time of day and late into the night.Some of the highlights in the main square are the Cloth Hall, the 19th Century Polish Art Gallery, St. Mary’s Basilica with its two towers that you can’t miss, the fascinating Underground Museum, the Town Hall Tower and “The Head”.

Florianska Street

Florianska Street is the street connecting Kraków’s main square with the Barbican.The street is full of souvenir shops and eateries, but what’s really special about it is the beautiful architecture, so do look up! When you reach the end of the street, you’re at Floriańska Gate. This was one of the old city gates which has survived. It usually has some street musicians playing underneath it (good acoustics!) and on the walls on either side of the gate there’s a cool display of pictures.

Wawel Castle

This is probably Kraków’s most famous, iconic landmarks and definitely one of the best things to see in Kraków. Even if you visit on a short city break, don’t miss the castle.


Vistula River

On any visit to Kraków, take a walk by the beautiful Vistula river. It’s charming and relaxing, with plenty of grass ideal for a picnic, cycling paths and wonderful views. Undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Kraków.

Street Art

There are many pieces of legal, commissioned street art in Kraków, which means they don’t disappear as quickly as the illegal ones.The two districts that are best for searching for street art are the Jewish Quarter and Podgórze. You can reach Podgórze from the Jewish Quarter by crossing the Bridge of Locks.



This is the artsy, bohemian part of the city of Kraków, and it’s also very Jewish. I mean Jewish more in a cultural sense, rather than in a religious sense. You’ll quickly notice once you get there Jewish food restaurants with bands playing Jewish Klezmer music all around you.

How to get around:

The easiest way to get around Kraków is on foot, but if you need public transport, the city has a convenient bus and tram system. You can use the same ticket on both trams and buses. One easy option, especially for a short city break in Kraków, is the Kraków Card, a 2- or 3-day museum and transport pass.

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