At Robert & Son Beachwear, we believe that special moments create a lifetime of memories. Many special moments and memories are created during family holidays, which are precious but few. We set out to create a family-run brand that would appeal to customers who have the same 'family first' values: 

We love to travel.

We love to explore.

We love the latest fashion styles.

We love to experience new surroundings.

We love creating adventures for our sons.  

Inspired by the magic of holidays spent sailing, surfing and hanging out at the beach, we created the business after struggling to find matching father and Son Shorts that suited our family-style. We wanted shorts that were stylish, yet practical and durable too. Unimpressed by the search results, which included poorly-made and uninspiring designs that were phenomenally overpriced, we decided to design and create matching swim shorts ourselves - with the help of our two sons, of course! 

Many of the patterns you see today have been handpicked by our sons. Their favourites being the Turtle and Octopus designs, both available in 2 bright and bold colours. Since the start of the brand, we've added four new collection as well as plain colours, so we truly have something for everyone. 

Robert & Son has become a rising beachwear brand, branching out into hats, T-shirts and accessories 

All of the items that we stock are products that we love and want to share with our customers. They are all brilliant quality and are the perfect additions to your Robert & Son Shorts. 

We hope you enjoy wearing our designs as much as we enjoy making them.

Don't forget to send us photos of your family in their designer beachwear on their travels!

Happy holidays,

Marc and Sons.