We have decided to partner with Likkle Swimmers, a small charity helping a rural town in Jamaica to teach local children and adults a vital skill to swim.

So far Likkle Swimmers have made a massive impact on the community and taught over 500 children and adults to swim and learn lifesaving techniques for free as well as provide employment for the young locals as lifeguards and teaching assistants.

Although this community is now learning a vital skill which in turn has provided them with enough confidence to enter local triathlon’s sadly many of these students do not own any swimwear of their own or if they do they do not fit them properly. We wanted to make sure that ALL the students could take part in vital swimming lessons and so for every full-priced pair of swim shorts sold we will donate a pair to those in need at Likkle Swimmers.

There is nothing we love more than creating memories with our family in our Robert & Son shorts, and we hope the community of Treasure Island will get as much enjoyment out of them as we do.

We hope you will support Likkle Swimmers and us in making sure the locals at Treasure Beach can carry on learning these vital skills in swimwear that fits them correctly.

Find out more on the Likkle Swimmers Website.