• Copenhagen

    This old town has a lot of heart and certainly gives visitors a lot of reasons to smile. Plus there are beautiful beaches and canals to keep us water babies happy. Whether you’re stopping over on a whirlwind trip around Europe, or heading there for an extended stay, we definitely recommend adding it to your must-visit list.
  • Family Activities in Québec

    Family Activities in Québec
    Winter holidays in Québec are fantastic for families and amazingly easy: direct UK flights to Montréal take a mere seven hours, year round.
  • 5 Places to Spend Christmas on the Beach

    5 Places to Spend Christmas on the Beach
    Whilst a large portion of people enjoy spending the festive period within the comfort of their own home, equally as many people prefer jumping on a plane and flying off to crazy places for Christmas. If you’re the latter, we have some incredible beach destinations waiting for you, where you can stretch your legs, catch the sun and sip on your favourite cocktail all...
  • Winter Sun Holiday's in Europe

    Winter Sun Holiday's in Europe
    There are those who hate the season and spend months waiting for the sun to melt the snow and the warm weather to start. But if you don't think you can wait that long to enjoy some sunshine, there are plenty of options in Europe where you can soak up some vitamin D over the winter. So if you are considering a trip somewhere...
  • Thrill-seeking in Jamaica

    Thrill-seeking in Jamaica
    Jamaica is the island for rainforest bobsledding, wild river rafting, waterfall climbing, treetop ziplining and subterranean caving. It’s fantastic at enormous waterparks; considers flip-flops formal-wear; doesn’t have a cut off point when it comes to beautiful beaches and thinks of jungle safaris as downtime. No surprise to find older kids love holidays here, and you only have to look at the endless variety of...
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