UK Staycation Ideas


A UK staycation will probably be the first go-to for most families now travel restrictions are beginning to ease and we tentatively get back to days-out and weekend breaks - all those things we used to take for granted! So why not have a read of some of these staycation ideas!



Extraordinary History 

Few places can claim to have a more fascinating history than the UK. Which means there's a pretty much limitless supply of castles, churches, towers and forts all over the country ranging from 1000 year old ruins to WWII Anderson shelters. The National Trust alone owns over 500 historic properties in England to explore! 


Discover Beautiful Beaches

The UK has hundreds of beautiful beaches from the subtropical Scilly Isles to the cliff-lined drama of the Jurassic Coast. No two stretches of coast are alike so feel free to create your own personal seaside experience; whether that's hunting for fossils, racing over sand dunes, surfing wild waves, building sandcastles or playing on a classic Victorian pleasure pier.


Award Winning Food 

Over the last 30 years, the UK has transformed itself into one of the world's culinary greats. It's a transformation that's been helped by award-winning chefs, radical restaurateurs and iconic TV cooks and has touched on everything from good old fashioned fish and chips to Sunday roast. London was recently named the best city in Europe for vegan restaurants. And even traditional country pubs are as likely to be serving local ingredients as local beer these days.




Give Camping a Go!

Fresh air, gorgeous countryside and a sense of adventure are just some of the reasons why camping has become so popular with UK families. Capitalising on that, campsites have improved beyond all recognition too. Pristine shower blocks, children's play areas and well-stocked shops are now the norm.

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