Best Family Board Games To Keep The Whole Family Amused


Stuck indoors wondering how to fill your day? Check out our top picks for family board games! From the educational to the silly we have you covered!


Frog Party - Orchard Toys - Age 4+

While preschoolers may seem too young to enjoy board games, it's a great way of introducing them to educational fun and brain-teasing activities, rather than just sticking them in front of the TV or tablet.

Monopoly Junior Edition, 5-7Yrs

First launched way back in 1935, the Monopoly franchise has been keeping families entertained for decades. Monopoly Junior offers a simplified version of the original to provide a fast-paced family game that includes junior tokens and kid-friendly properties, from ice cream parlours to skate parks.


The Game of Life, 8-11Yrs

Packed full of surprises, twists and unexpected outcomes, The Game of Life is a roller coaster board game that takes players from birth to retirement in just a few hours, with the winner the one who finishes the game the wealthiest. The pet-friendly edition adds furry friends to the mix, making it even more realistic than ever.

5 Second Rule, 12-15Yrs

Say whatever comes to your mind and risk looking ridiculous in this quick-thinking, fast-talking family board game, with simple rules that allow players to get going straight away. With just five seconds to name three items (three breeds of dog, three celebrity couples, three objects beginning with 'B' etc) it is sure to produce hilarious results.


Game For Fame, 16+ 

Featuring a huge variety of fun and engaging challenges, Game for Fame lets players race against their friends and family through Hollywood to become the 'world's wealthiest celebrity'. Seen on ITV's This Morning show, this enthralling game does away with complicated rules to provide a hysterical distraction for families stuck indoors.


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