• The Palace of Versailles Fountain Show

    The Palace of Versailles Fountain Show
      The Palace of Versailles is perhaps the best-known chateau in France. The former home of French Kings is a World Heritage Site and visited by millions of people each year. While visiting the Palace itself is said to be an extraordinary experience, the gardens of Versailles draw as much attention if not more. The gardens span across 800 hectares and are a magnificent...
  • Ghent Getaway

    Ghent Getaway
    If you haven’t heard about this intriguing city, then you are not alone. Ghent is probably one of Belgium’s most underrated cities, and it’s also one of the most aesthetically beautiful. Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp, they might be impressive, but as far as we're concerned, they don’t have anything on Ghent.
  • Copenhagen

    This old town has a lot of heart and certainly gives visitors a lot of reasons to smile. Plus there are beautiful beaches and canals to keep us water babies happy. Whether you’re stopping over on a whirlwind trip around Europe, or heading there for an extended stay, we definitely recommend adding it to your must-visit list.
  • Amsterdam- Where Anything Goes

    Amsterdam- Where Anything Goes
    A happy town filled with water, history, and a laid back and progressive culture. What more could you want? Amsterdam is one of those places were you feel instantly comfortable. It might be because everyone will speak English if you need them to, or because basically anything goes there. Who knows, but it’s a place that can quickly draw you in. Where do we...
  • Winter in Iceland

    Winter in Iceland
    Iceland is a really popular tourist destination but it is also super expensive. So visiting Iceland in the winter can be ideal particularly because things like accommodation can be a lot cheaper. While some sites might be closed due to the weather, most of the main attractions like the Blue Lagoon are still open. And of course there is way more chance of seeing...
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