Amsterdam- Where Anything Goes


A happy town filled with water, history, and a laid back and progressive culture. What more could you want? Amsterdam is one of those places were you feel instantly comfortable. It might be because everyone will speak English if you need them to, or because basically anything goes there. Who knows, but it’s a place that can quickly draw you in. Where do we get our dose of happiness in Amsterdam?

Bike tour on your own

Bikes are a big thing in Amsterdam. To immerse yourself in the Dutch way of life, hire a bike and set out to see the sights. And be sure to stop at one of the stunning parks and enjoy the sunshine (if the season allows). If you can, find your way to Vondelpark for the perfect picnic spot.

Inner city water

We love the ocean. We love the way it makes us feel. We love that things seem better when you can sit and watch the water float by. The stunning Amsterdam canals allow all that and more. The city is surrounded by 165 canals, making it feel like a magical land encased by water. Make sure you get to Prinsengracht canal as it’s lined with beautiful trees and interesting boathouses.

Experience hedonism at its finest

Amsterdam is known for the red light district and their relaxed approach to drugs. It doesn’t matter what your tastes and preferences are, seeing a city that welcomes sex, drugs, and everything in between is an experience in itself. It also makes you feel like whatever you want to do, think, or believe in, there is a place for you.

Immerse yourself in the history

Museums and interesting venues are a plenty in Amsterdam. From Anne Frank’s House and the Amsterdam Museum to the Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum, the city is bursting with stories. Take it slow and spread them out to make sure you can give each one the time it deserves.

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