Our Favourite Places to Surf In Australia


It’s no secret we long to be by the water. Whether we’re lying on the beach in the warm afternoon sun, dipping our toes in the waves, or surfing our hearts out, the water is where we love to be. While some beaches are better for sun soaking and others are better for swimming, there are some that are truly made for surfing. In Australia you are spoilt for choice. Here are a handful of our favourite places to catch waves.


Bells Beach, Torquay

You can stay close to home with the well-known Bells Beach found down the great ocean road just out of Torquay. This spiritual home for Australian surfing is for the experienced surfers among us as there is an exposed reef. But it delivers some seriously good breaks. If you’re looking for the best time of year, head down during winter and autumn. If you want to sight-see, this beach is worth the drive as well. The high cliffs give it a beautiful backdrop.


Lennox Head, NSW

Just 20 minutes outside of Byron Bay, Lennox Head is gathering quite a following. Getting to the good waves can be a bit of work, as you have to navigate the shoreline that’s covered in boulders, but once you’re there the waves are truly worth it.


Noosa, Point Break, QLD 

This is one of the most popular long-board surf beaches in Noosa, with waves for the beginners and the advanced surfers among us. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a 200-meter ride. If the swell is bigger, locals will flood the place, while smaller swells attract the more beginner surfers.


Margaret River, WA

While most of us think ‘wine’ when we think of the Margaret River, we should also be thinking ‘surf’. With the luck of a Mediterranean climate, you can enjoy this spot all year round. In summer you’ll have to share the space with regular beach-goers, but during winter you’ll have to spot to yourself.


South Cape Bay, Tasmania

These breaks aren’t for the faint hearted. Usually full on and cold, these waves offer a place with more space and privacy as it only draws the die-hard surfers. To top that off, you’ve got to work hard for the money here. It will cost you a 7.7k trek on foot through the heritage-listed parks to get there. But the big clean waves and a handful of fellow surfers will be waiting for you.


The Pass, Byron Bay, NSW

Byron Bay is loved for many things. The yoga, the healthy eats, the lazy main beach, the backpackers, the party nightlife, the lighthouse walk, the magical energy, and everything in between. But it’s also a place for surfers. While it has a handful of good spots, The Pass, which is found at the end of Clarkes Beach is known as one of the good spots for surfing. You can also see the whole bay from the surfer’s lookout; so if the Pass isn’t floating your boat, then move on to the next beach.

Where is your favourite place to surf 

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