Tips to Avoid Airport Anxiety


Airport anxiety is way more common than you may think – if you’re one of the many sufferers, you’re definitely not alone! Here are some tips to have you breezing through the airports in no time. 


1. Early flights

Simple as it may seem booking yourself on the earliest flight possible will normally mean the airport will not be as busy. The busiest times are normally between 9am-12pm. Flying super early will mean you are less likely for any delays and will also allow more time in your destination, a win all round.


2. Online check in 

Make life so much easier by checking in online while you are at home. When you get to the airport, all you’ll need to do is go to a self-service bag drop, and use a touchscreen to answer a few questions and scan your boarding pass. Your luggage label will print off, and you’ll pop it on your case handle. And that’s it! Staff are always on hand if you get stuck! Many airlines allow you to check in 30 days before your flight, so you can easily check in both flights to save you queuing in the airport. 


3. Pre-pack toiletries in plastic bags

One of the biggest stresses in the airport is the security check- no one likes them but unfortunately they cannot be avoided. When travelling you are only allowed 100ml of liquid in hand luggage, anything more must be put in your suitcase. With a little preparation you can make your security check stress free by checking any liquids you are carrying in your hand luggage and putting them in a freezer bag while you are at home. It will save you a little time panicking while ransacking your hand luggage and reduce your stress levels! 


4. Apps

So many airports have their own app now, these will contain everything from arrivals and departures, to shop and restaurant listings, to info on parking. But most crucially, they generally include a map of the airport. 


5. Use an airport lounge

Airport lounges are perfect for reducing stress levels, they are normally quiet, peaceful places where you can relax before your flight- some even have their own massage areas. Most airport lounges have unlimited food and drink so you can eat before you fly with no need to queue in the long line at Pret. 


6. Walk 

Keeping yourself active will actually help to reduce any anxiety building up. Have a look around the shops or simply walk the length of the airport, doing this will take your mind of any worries you may have pre-flight. 


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