Summer Swaps


Now that the weather is heating up and it's starting to feel like summer its time to trade the indoors for the great outdoors! Here's how!



Swap indoor cinema... for open air cinemas!

Outdoor cinema's have been getting more and more popular and it's easy to see why! Venue's are popping up all over the UK, many National Trust parks have now got involved and are showing your favourite family friendly films, comedies and horror's in their gardens. So pack up your popcorn and favourite drinks and head to a local showing near you!



Swap pub grub...for picnics 

Pack up your favourite snacks and head out with the kids after work for some outdoor fun! There's something about picnics that always seem like such an adventure!


Swap the swimming pool...for an outdoor lido

Most outdoor pools will start to open again in May, unlike indoor pools they normally charge a fixed day rate so there is no limit on how long you stay! They are usually very responsibly priced to!


Swap the gym...for evening runs

Gym's are a great place to work of some stress and feel good about yourself, but opting for a 5k run outside instead will not only mean you are still working on your fitness you can enjoy some fresh air and beautiful sunsets (or sunrises if you're an early bird like us!)



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