Poolside Essentials


Get yourself poolside ready with our handy guide of poolside essentials.


When lounging by the pool it’s always great to have a pair of shades to hand, the only problem is it’s all too easy to lose or break them. With this in mind, these innovative Ray Bans are brilliant as their practical, stylish and perfectly portable in a foldaway fashion. They look great on and can easily be folded away and popped into your pocket whenever needed. 

Every trip to the pool needs some summer tunes, Sunnylife have a wide selection of funky speakers that let you listen to the radio or play songs on your phone. Completely water proof and sand proof it's great for the beach or pool. 

When sprawling on a towel catching those essential sun rays gets boring opt for a game of cards. KOVOT have created waterproof playing cards. Play them in the pool, on the plane in the bar they are super versatile and unlike paper cards, the waterproof deck will not soak up humidity and become unusable. When they get dirty simply rinse them off. 

And finally no pool day would be complete without your Robert & Son shorts! Our playful prints and vibrant colours are sure to have you standing out from the crowds. Shop the collection now.

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