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Emma, Ben, Harry & Daisy are one of our favourite family travel accounts to follow! Together they have travelled to a wide range of destinations from Europe to Vietnam, Laos and even Everest base camp! Here we asked them a few questions about their adventures and any advice they may have for adventures with kids. 


Can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

We haven't sold up, ditched our jobs or moved out....we love our home, kids love school and we are passionate about our careers. We do, however, love to explore the world and teach our children about it and how to respect it. We meet the people, eat the food, get off piste and do the stuff!

 Ben and I have been together for 22 years (I know, how do we look so young?). Before we had the children, we travelled far and wide and vowed not to let having children stop this. 

​We definitely thought they would cramp our style but having them on board makes it even more of an adventure. The emphasis certainly shifts from cocktails by the pool to ...are there pampers in the shops? But we wouldn't change a thing.

​We are not nonstop travellers like some inspirational families out there. We simply go on extended adventurous holidays.


Do you have a favourite beach?

This question has definitely divided us, pre-kids we would have had a completely different answer. Maybe it would be a deserted beach with crashing waves? Although we still enjoy this with the kids, it’s a lot more relaxing having a beach with gentle waves and a cafe close by. I think our favourite is on Ko Poda off Krabi in Thailand. There is a beautiful white beach, shady trees and a good cafe. Not to mention a stunning outlook. 



Where is the most child friendly destination you have visited?

 Probably Japan. There was just so much for them to do and see. The obvious stuff like Disney and Universal Studios they loved, but there was so much more. The cute way they present food, the bright lights and chaos of Shibuya, the ninja experiences were amazing. We stayed in a Buddhist temple where the children got to join in with the day to day life and had calligraphy lessons. The bullet train, cherry blossoms, noodle making, the list goes on. It was such a rich and exciting learning experience... we will absolutely be back!


What has been your most memorable experience so far?

 I think we all agree that our trip to Everest Base Camp was pretty epic. We got a helicopter from Kathmandu to Base Camp, stopping at Lukla on the way. On the way back we had breakfast with a view of Everest. Just being at base camp was so emotional. The kids just loved every minute too, especially Harry who has followed the stories of the great climbers. 


What’s on your holiday reading list?

 Ben doesn’t really read much but I am an avid reader (when I have the time!). I’m really enjoying audio-books at the moment as it means I can still watch the kids on the beach or by the pool and listen at the same time. On my reading list is ‘Daughters of the Dragon’ by William Andrews. It is about a woman growing up in North Korea. We are visiting Korea in October and I always like to do a little reading around the location we are staying in.



Favourite activity while you are away?

 We love being as active as possible and really enjoy high adrenaline activities. The thing we struggle with is finding something to suit everyone. With Daisy only being five, she often isn’t allowed to join in, even though she’d love to. We went canyoning in Slovenia last summer and absolutely loved it. I think it’s about being in nature and exploring the differing terrains that we really love.


 What are your travel must haves?

 Now, this doesn’t sound glamorous, but a toilet roll and wet wipes!!!! No parent can be further than 2 metres away from either, ha. 

This next trip we are trying packing cubes though, as I’ve heard lots of families rave about them. Who knows, they could be my next ‘must have’. 


 Any tips for keeping kids happy on the plane?

 I’m pretty sure bribery is my ‘go to’ tip! I have a bag full of snacks (not chocolate-too messy). I try to pop in bread-sticks and fruit so they are not completely wired after 12 hours of Haribo!!! We also make sure we have iPad's and battery packs. For Daisy sticker books are a good distraction. To be honest though they are so used to it they just entertain themselves and know not to utter those fateful words ‘are we nearly there yet?’  



What’s on your destination bucket list?

 It’s too long to fit here! But....Iceland, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Columbia, Philippines..... the list never ends, the more you see, the more you need to see!


Where are you off to next?

 We are off to Peru this month. It’s been on my list since I studied the Incas in Geography at school. I can’t believe I’m actually going to see Machu Picchu. 


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  • Posted on by Joanne Lester

    Wow what a fantastic read, I know this family and have heard about some of their travels, but this really is an inspirational insight especially with little ones.
    I enjoy every photo I see of their trips and where they are, well done for getting out there and allowing your children to experience these wonders.
    If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to take me with you! Haha xx

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