Thing's to do in Andalusia


Andalusia is located in the very south of Spain. There's 8 different provinces to explore, but the name's Sevilla, Córdoba, Granada, and Malaga are the most well known, they are also must visit cities. 


The Costa del Sol and Costa Tropical are perfect for a relaxing beach holiday. The weather is nice, and there's plenty of water sport activities available.



When arriving in Andalusia it is likely that you will land in Malaga. There's plenty of things to see and do here from trying local tapas to visiting the Alcazaba, a fortress palace which is a popular tourist destination because of it's beauty and history.



Sevilla is one of the mos beautiful cities in Europe, pretty parks, stunning culture and architecture it's a must visit.



Cordoba is full of history and is well known for its delicious local dishes. Get lost exploring the small streets and absorb some Spanish culture!. 


Tapas is really big in Andalusia, many of the locals eat tapas and drink sherry before they go for a late dinner. Tapas is a great way to try lot's of different local dishes as it is a small quantity and ideal for sharing. 

If you are visiting Andalusia this summer we would recommend hiring a car so you can visit lots of amazing new cities and beautiful beaches at your own pace. 


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