Get to Know..Travel with Tiffanee!

Tiffanee and her family are based in Malaysia and have visited over 60 countries together, they are keen adventurers who like to travel as often as possible! Tiffanee's Instagram is a real go to for some destination inspiration, showcasing some of the most beautiful hotels all over the world. We asked her a few questions about the families adventures and her top tips for travelling.
1. If you could describe your family in three words what would they be?

Little Lux Adventurers.

2. What are the kid’s favourite activity while away?

They love singing and dancing, they like to create their own games and dance around while travelling.

3. How do the kids cope with flying?

My daughter started flying when she was 4 months old and my son was 2 months old , I'm proud to says they had no flying problems, they eat , play and then fall asleep, but now they love to watch Movies!

4. What has been your most memorable holiday as a family and why?

Up until now it would have to be last years summer holiday in Africa, it’s so magical in the wilderness! I still can’t believe we slept in the tent with all the wildlife out there!!!

5. Do you prefer beach holidays or city escapes?

We love beaches!!!! That’s why every year we go back to the Maldives! But each time we explore different islands/resorts there! We have been to the Maldives four times and still it remains on our bucket list!

6. Do you have any tips for travelling with children?

Always pack some snacks that they love and extra in-flight clothes.

7. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live and why?

After travelling to 60 countries, I still love my country and city, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia :)  they have all types of food that I love and of course all the people I love. If i was to choose a second home I would choose an Island in Thailand, it’s nearby and I love Thai food and Thai massage!

8.What are your travel necessities?

I must be travelling comfortably, we like to stay in little luxury hotels which are on my bucket list, my Leica camera, sunblocks, WiFi , Rosytime. (Botanical collagen drink)

9.What do you hope travelling teaches your children?

There is so much to see and learn though travelling that they just can’t have in the classroom, we have visited Masai Village in Kenya, and a Burmese village in Bagan where they learnt how to make fabric from cotton all things you can't truly experience in class. 

10. What is your favourite child friendly destination?

Japan , they’re very organised, Clean, very friendly, it’s a country we go back to every year, our skiing second home! :) 


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