Bermuda- Your Next Family Holiday


Bermuda is one of those destinations that you look at pictures and wonder if it’s really that dreamy in real life. The truth is the pictures don’t do it justice. Bermuda is beautiful. More so than that, it’s also clean, friendly, and one of the best family vacation destinations in the Caribbean. If you are looking for a beach vacation with plenty of activities that your family will love, then Bermuda is not just an excellent choice but probably the top choice!


Rent bikes 

Tourists are not allowed to rent a car. This is an island policy that was established mostly for safety reasons. The roads in Bermuda are narrow and include turns and twists but they're great for bike rides! Soul cycle offers amazing bike tours geared towards family and can even tailor them to your group and ages. They have bikes with trailers so toddlers can enjoy the adventure too. It’s a great way to see the sites and enjoy the views with a unique experience.


Ghost Tour through St. George

If you have older kids then a historical ghost tour through the city of St. George will be a fun evening activity for everyone. They can learn about the roots of slavery in Bermuda and hear about some of the figures that contributed to its colorful history. This typically starts about sunset and lasts about an hour with some fun “visitors” showing up along the way.


Crystal Caves

Crystal caves is a stunning a must see for everyone in your family. It’s an easy guided path through the cave with crystal clear blue water and an experience your family will remember forever.


The Royal Naval Dockyard

The Royal Naval Dockyard is at the furthest most westerly point of Bermuda but definitely deserves a full day of exploring. A lot of money was invested in the area to make it the perfect destination and visitors are now reaping the rewards. It’s an area with rich history, and fortress style stone walls, as well as a clock tower/mall. Whilst the original look and feel has been preserved, behind each building lies a modern twist such as malls, cafes, restaurants and bars. Not to mention more cultural experiences, like glass blowing, and the rum cake factory.


Snorkel Park 

Snorkel Park is a big hit with families, you can rent all the gear you need on admission. It does cost to get in, but it’s a fabulous day out; from jet skis to snorkelling, you couldn’t ask for anything else.


Gibbs Lighthouse

The pretty Gibbs Lighthouse could be incorporated with a day at the beach, given it is so close to Horseshoe Bay. The views from the top of the lighthouse are stunning. Its also a great spot for a picnic, there is a nice green area at the foot of the lighthouse.

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