Spring Sun in Europe


Families of sun-seekers looking for an Easter break don’t have to endure a long-haul flight. There are plenty of places in Europe that are gearing up to be lovely and warm in the spring making Easter the ideal time for a sun holiday in Europe with the kids!



Spring is family time in Ibiza, when it’s too early for party people but sunny and warm on the southern beaches. It’s also the best season to get to know Ibiza Town and appreciate why it’s one of the most admired small cities in Spain. And March, April and May are great for sailing round the coast on local ferries, exploring the spring-flowered countryside and discovering hidden coves and tucked away villages that are too hot to seek out in summer.



Only 125km off the west coast of Africa, Lanzarote is the first Canary to warm up for spring and by mid-March temperatures are climbing from 22˚ and eight, unbroken hours of sunshine aren’t unusual. The south east of the island is windiest: a relief in high summer but not what you want for a spring break. Instead, head west to pretty Playa Blanca on the Papagaya Coast. The beaches here are lovely and the resort manages to hold on to its small town charm and still come good on excellent hotels, restaurants and shops.



If you don’t like the idea of betting everything on a beach holiday this spring, think multi-faceted Malta. The bold coastline is big enough to take advantage of every drop of heat and, with temperatures of 20˚ and rising in March, the odds of sun are good. And if it’s not seaside weather all the time, there’s always Valletta to keep you entertained with myths, legends and masses of historic nooks and crannies, ancient districts and deep drama.



Give Malaga a chance in spring and it’s a lot easier to appreciate why the beaches have been holiday icons for over 50 years. Art and sunbathing aside, this is also the city to find outstanding Andalusian cooking in some of the region’s finest restaurants. 


Southern Cyprus

The south of Cyprus is warm enough to add beaches into a spring holiday. Average temperatures range from 22˚ in March to highs of 27˚ in May. This means it’s a lovely time to visit the coast and even better for exploring the countryside, visiting mountain towns and villages and doing a bit of walking or cycling.


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