Amazing Beaches you have to Visit in Australia


If there’s one thing Australia is famous for, it’s definitely its amazing beaches. I mean – come on, this is a country where you can go down to the beach in winter!



1. Lizard Island, Queensland

Lizard Island is near the Great Barrier Reef and is a beautiful stretch of swirly fine sands and stunning turquoise water.


2. Mandalay Beach, Western Australia 

The currents and tides here made for some pretty dramatic waves and that, coupled with the dramatic and picturesque backdrops makes for an amazing must-see beach.


3. 75 Mile Beach, Fraser Island

As the name suggest, this endless stretch of beautiful sandy beach goes on for miles and miles and is one of the more dramatic beaches you can visit in Australia.


4. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Islands 

Whitehaven is not only a top beach in Australia – it often qualifies as one of the top beaches in the whole world.


5. Byron Bay, New South Wales

Byron Bay is a town where you can take yoga classes on the beach, see fire dancers, and enjoy walking around a hip town. It’s the perfect place to not only visit a chilled but lovely town but also spend some time at one of the best beaches on offer across the country.


6. Sunshine Beach, Noosa, Queensland

This little beach is a hidden gem and definitely one slightly off the beaten track. Back in the day, it used to be called the golden beach and is one for truly getting away from it all (whatever ‘it’ is) and having some much needed chill out time.


7. Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

Beautiful beach? Check. Surfing? Check. Barbecues? Check. Honestly, at this point, I have no idea why you’re not already madly running down to the beach while simultaneously trying to wear your swimming gear.


8. Turquoise Bay, Exmouth

You will find some of the best snorkeling of your life here – crystal waters, beautiful coral formations, and sea turtles. Turquoise beach most definitely lives up to its name!


9. Bondi Beach, Sydney 

The good old favourite. Every traveler worth their salt visiting Australia will most likely have popped over here at least once.


10. Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

This beach is definitely worth the extra ‘trek’ to Tasmania! Chances are that you’ll fly over it on your way there (make sure you have the cameras at the ready) but once you finally get there and surround yourself in that absolutely stunning landscape, 


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