5 Things to do This Sunday



Get Out

With 5 days a week spent stationary on your office chair, it’s time to get out and start working out! Join a Yoga class, head down to the gym for that workout you have been putting off, or even go for a hike! Benefits include but are not limited to saying goodbye to that aching neck and back, better immunity, definitely an improved mood (endorphins!), and improved sleep quality!


Hit the City

Be a tourist in your own city every now and then. Explore recommended areas and come across new ones at the same time. Never run out of ideas for your next date night or hangout!


Get Stuck into a Good Book

When was the last time you picked up a book and finished it? Take the time to tune out from social media, make your favourite hot or cold drink, pick a comfy spot, and indulge in a book from start to finish!


Netflix and Chill

Invite some friends over and have a movie marathon, be it a Star Wars, Lord of The Rings, or even a Nicholas Sparks marathon. Have some beers, wine, snacks and a few drinking games planned for the day.


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