Visiting The Batu Caves- Kuala Lumpur


You cannot go to Kuala Lumpur and leave without visiting the Batu Caves. Found just outside the city center in the suburb of Selangor, the Batu caves are one of the biggest tourist attractions in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 


What are the Batu Caves?

Rising hundreds of metres above the ground, the monument is basically a series of caves and cave temples that were discovered within a massive limestone hill. Incredibly, it is believed that the limestone formations are about 400 million years old! Naturalists and explorers have been fascinated by the sight and written about it since the 1800s. Visiting the Batu caves is a beautiful and intriguing experience. 


What to Expect

As you arrive at the main entrance, the first thing you will see is the large golden Lord Murugan statue. At 42.7 meters high, it’s the largest Murugan statue in the world. On the left of the statue is the 272 colourful steps that lead up to the caves where the temples are found (Temple Cave).

It’s probably worth noting that there are a total of five Batu Caves. Temple cave is the “main” attraction and the one that I’m focusing on. But dark cave batu caves is also a popular attraction. In case you’re wondering, yes, you will have to walk up all 272 stairs to reach Temple Cave but don't worry you can always stop for a breather and to take a few photo's!

Once you reach the top you can explore the Temple cave which is well lit up. The main cave consists of an entrance area with a shrine, one very lofty chamber with a temple, and at the back of the cave is an “atrium chamber” with the original temple from 1890. In this part of the cave the roof has collapsed and you can see the sky far up.


Cave Monkey's

From the moment you hit the stairs, you will find monkey’s everywhere. Officials advise that you don’t walk in with any food or drinks because they will get stolen by these cheeky creatures. Unfortunately, due to human activity they have become quite brazen and won’t think twice about snatching things from you. In fact, it’s best you keep your eye on all your belongings. 


Entrance Fee's

It’s absolutely free to visit the main cave and the Lord Murugan temples. However, you will walk past a few other caves with admissions fees, including the Dark Cave. For these you will have to purchase Batu Caves tickets.There are various tour operators in and around Kuala Lumpur who offer half-day trips for those who want to visit the Batu caves. However, there is no need to waste around 50 USD on a Batu caves tour from Kuala Lumpur which you can easily take yourself.

The Dark cave is more of an adventure cave and is for those with scientific and educational interest. This is the second main attraction, and can be found halfway up the flight of stairs to Temple cave. There are two guided tour options; the basic tour which costs RM35 and an adventure tour which costs RM80. According to online sources tours here depend on the availability of a guide. You cannot enter the Dark cave without a guide so you have to do a guided tour. Just be sure to check if it’s open if you plan on visiting this one. If you’re not keen on climbing the 272 steps up to Temple cave and the Dark cave isn’t your thing, then you can instead visit Cave Villa. This one can be found at the foot of the limestone hill and has an entrance fee of RM15.


Dress Code

Since the Batu caves are a religious site, there is a dress code for visitors. It’s a little more strict for women than men. According to the Batu Caves dress code 2019 rules your shoulders can be showing – just don’t wear anything too short and revealing. Short pants, mini skirts, and short skirts are not allowed as per the rules. So it’s best to make sure that you are covered at least to below the knee. As for men, t-shirts and shorts are fine, but shorts need to be below the knee. Men also shouldn’t wear tank tops and flip flops

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