Things to do in Broome, Western Australia


Broome is a beautiful coastal town located in the far north of Western Australia. Most well known for its infamous and extremely gorgeous Cable Beach, Broome is such a beautiful part of Australia that you need to put at the top your list of must see places! While Broome is quite remote and not the easiest place to get to, you’ll be rewarded with a country feel and very few crowds while enjoying one of the most unique and beautiful parts of Australia. Here is our list of the best things to do in Broome, Western Australia.


Swim at Cable Beach

If crystal clear tropical water and white sand is what you’re looking for in a beach then Cable Beach is a must see. Spend the day body surfing or just chilling at one of Australia’s most picturesque beaches. While the days are often very hot, Cable Beach is the perfect way to cool down. It’s is an incredibly long stretch of beach, so long in fact that you’re unlikely to encounter any crowds.


Have dinner at Cable Beach Sunset Bar

Quite possibly the most popular place in Broome to have a sunset drink is at Cable Beach Sunset Bar. It’s located right next to the beach where you’ll get a perfect view of the sunset from your seat. If you’re like me and prefer to view sunset on the beach then head up here afterwards for some delicious food. This bar stays pretty lively long after sunset so its a fun place to be. The food here is priced a bit higher than most places around town but it’s absolutely delicious so you won’t be disappointed.


Watch the camels at sunset

The sunsets in Broome are something you’ll never forget. Head to Cable Beach to watch the sun set right over the ocean. The Broome camel tours run every evening so you’ll see a line of camels wandering along the beach in the most incredible setting. The stretch of beach that the camels wander on gets pretty busy in the evening with trucks and people waiting to watch the camels so head down there early to claim your spot. 


Explore Gantheaume Point

Walk in the footsteps of dinosaurs at Gantheaume Point. It’s considered one of the most palaeontological with dinosaur footprints preserved in the reef rock for over 125 million years.  The footprints are only visible at low tide so if you’re up for some exploring that’s the time to go. You’ll also find some pretty cool rockpools at low tide. At high tide you can see the beautiful red cliff side overlooking the ocean.


Streeters Jetty 

Located in the main town area of Broome, be sure to check out Streeters Jetty. It’s an old wooden jetty surrounded by tress with some picturesque blue water underneath. It’s also a historic spot being the only original jetty remaining in Broome that was once used for pearling.  Tip – visit the jetty at high tide only. At low tide the water completely goes out and you’ll see nothing but some mud and trees.


Stairway to the Moon

Two days per month on a full moon you’ll be able to witness an incredible phenomenon known as the stairway to the moon. After the sun sets it’s completely pitch black for a couple of hours until the moon rises above the water. When the moon rises it creates a stairway like optical illusion leading up to the moon. The dates and times that this happens changes every month so to determine if it happens during your visit to Broome just do a simple Google search. The best place to view the Stairway to the Moon is at Town Beach.


Red sand beach

A lesser known beach in Broome called Simpson Beach is where the red sand meets the blue water. This beach is located out of the town area of Broome so it’s not just one that you’ll stumble across. To find it put in your Google Maps “Broome Hovercraft”. Head towards the Hovercraft Tours area off the main road and then you’ll spot a small sign pointing off to the left that says “Beach Access”. Follow the road and you’ll find stairs down to this incredible beach. Make sure you go at high tide as the sand can look a bit muddy when the tide is out. 


Have a drink at Matso's Brewery 

What a better way to refresh after a hot day than to enjoy a local beer at Matso’s Brewery. Matso’s is a family-owned pub with unique seasonal beers, creative food & outdoor seating. Matso’s Brewery has a lot of variety to sample including beers, ciders and their famous ginger beer. They also have a chilli beer on tap that I dare you to try if you’re game. But be warned, they describe it as the hottest beer on the planet.



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