The Mens Guide to Swim Shorts


Looking good on holiday is at the forefront of most people’s minds when they go away. After all, when else will they have such a good tan or be in such great shape? Fashion-conscious men might feel a bit limited by their holiday wardrobe but there are plenty of ways to style yourself to stand out and make an impression. Here at Robert & Son we have two lengths to choose from to help you find your favourite fit. 


Mid Length

Our mid length shorts (37cm) are great for lounging around the pool and transition perfectly into suitable attire for poolside lunches, simply pair with one of our cotton tees. Our mid length shorts consist of our Octopus prints, Gecko prints and Giraffe Prints. 


Long Length

Our customer preference! Our long length shorts (42cm) are a timeless classic. Falling just above the knee they are ideal for beach activities or simply relaxing with a book by the pool. All of our plain coloured shorts, SS18 and SS19 collections are long length. 


All of our shorts are made from quick drying fabric, and feature an elasticated waist, back pockets and a soft lining. At the back you can find our stylish logo giving our shorts a luxurious look that is instantly recognisable. They're also designed to drain water quickly, with eyelet holes in the back and net-lined front pockets, which reduces the balloon butt effect you can get coming out of the water. And lets face it no one wants that!!


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