Summer Activities for Toddlers


Summer is our favorite time of the year! But it can be hard to keep little ones entertained. Here are some activities to try and keep your little one's busy this summer holiday. 


1. Nature Paint Brushes

Make your own paintbrushes out of sticks and things you find in your garden, local park or woods. Paint with them and discover amazing patterns and textures. These brushes are so beautiful you could actually use them as art after you’re done painting with them.


2. Cardboard Foot Painting

Let your toddler step into a plate full of paint and walk all over a flat cardboard box. This one is super messy, so you’ll definitely want to get some washable paints for this one.


3. Water Ball Pit

Fill a small pool with water and plastic balls and let your toddler sit in the pool and play. This is also a really good one for younger babies because they can lick and chew the balls all they want and as long as there is a parent sitting right there it’s completely safe.


4. Ice Painting

Make your own ice paint brushes using water, an ice tray, food coloring, and popsicle sticks. It's so simple but it's sure to keep them busy for a little while. 


5. Muddy Car Wash 

Let your little ones take their trucks for a spin in the mud and then make a little car wash area out of soapy water and a washing up bowl. 


6. Frozen Lego

Stick some legos into an ice tray and fill the tray with water. After the legos are frozen let your toddler play with the ice legos until they melt.

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