Simple Tips to Prevent Over-packing


If like us you take everything but the kitchen sink with you on holiday you will be used to being hit with extra baggage fees! Here is our simple guide to help kick your holiday off with less stress and a lighter suitcase!

1. Write everything down

I find writing down exactly what you need will help you stick within the guidelines (and leave you extra room for those must have souvenir purchases) For example if you are packing for a week long trip, write down how many days you plan on having  a nice meal out. If like me you pack a nice fancy outfit for every night reality is you only end up wearing a few of the outfits and the others come home unused and wrinkled. 

2. Recycle

Many of the items you take on holiday you can wear two or three times, just pair them with a different pair of shorts/skirt and no one will be any wiser!. Reality is if you are heading for a beach holiday you will only be in clothes for a few hours a day-the rest of the time you will be in beachwear! 

3. Shoes

Shoes are always the killer in our suitcase! Really you only need three pairs of shoes. One pair for the beach, one smart pair for the evenings and one pair of trainers for adventures or if you fancy hitting the gym! Anymore than that you have to ask yourself will I really need these? (Even if they are your new favourites!)

4. Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes are a real life saver. Not only do they compress your clothes to free up space in your suitcase, but they keep everything organised. They’re also a great way to limit how much you bring. Keep a cube designated for underwear, bathing suits, socks and toiletries, a second for tops, and a third for bottoms. If it doesn’t fit in the cube, it can’t come. Buy your own packing cubes here.

5. Take advantage of your hand-luggage

Take full advantage of your hand-luggage! We recommend storing any tech/camera equipment in there(firstly for safety but also because its normally very heavy!) Hand Luggage is also great for things like shoes or any hats you plan on taking with you.

6. Lay everything out

I always find its a good idea to lay everything out either on the bed or floor so you can see exactly what you're taking. If it looks excessive it probably is, many of the things you have taken out of your wardrobe you probably do not need. Check back to your list and ask yourself if you really have a need for it and will it go with other outfits for you to recycle?

If you have any top tips for packing light let us know!

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