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Patricia and Miguel are a Portuguese couple who quit their jobs and day to day life to travel the world. The couple are incredibly positive and inspiring and we absolutely love following their journey and I am sure you will to. Currently in Thailand the couple have explored many destinations from Europe to most recently Bali they have lots of top tips to share with you! Here we asked them 10 questions about their journey so far and what they have learnt from it. 
1. If you could describe yourselves in three words what would they be?

 Free, Conscious and Real. We like the feeling of being completely free, from everything, having only our wholesomeness in our bodies, being one with nature, kind to all beings and always true to ourselves


2. What has been your favourite destination so far?

It’s always hard to choose one specific place, as we say that every single one is unique and special in its own way, but we definitely loved Morocco. It was our first real trip abroad and we had the most cultural experience so far. During our whole stay we constantly felt outside of our comfort zones, and that was when we knew that we wanted that feeling to last forever, so our passion for travelling was born.


3. Has travelling always been something you have been passionate about?

Since we were kids we loved to go on vacation trips or small weekend escapes with our families, it was the only time where everything was pure joy and we didn’t worry about anything else. As we grew up, this feeling became stronger and now we can’t imagine ourselves doing other thing beside being constantly on the move. We belong to the world and we are on a journey to find home on earth.


4. If you had one piece of advice for anyone who was just about to start their adventure what would it be?

To follow their dreams, to always be real and to never stop believing, because everything is possible, if you visualise it happening!



5. What do you think your adventures have taught you about yourselves?

If there is something that our adventure has been teaching us everyday is that we should always have an open mind and be kind at heart, practice gratefulness and never let negativity hold you back.


6. Do you prefer to explore new cities or hit the beach?

Well, we lived in a city all of our lives so far so that is an easy one: hit the beach. There is no better place to be in the world and the ocean is our healer, so we can’t be away from it.


7. What are your 5 must haves when travelling?

Open mind, a positive mindset all the time (as it can be really stressing sometimes), a camera, a travel journal and some good snacks, that makes it all.


8. Do you have any top tips for Indonesia?

We only have been to Bali, so our biggest tip is to travel across the island on your own motorbike. You will save money, you will witness some of the most beautiful places and you have to freedom to go anywhere you want.


9. How do you pick the destinations you visit? Do you decide last minute or plan far in advance?

We usually plan in advance, but this big Southeast Asia trip has taught us to always leave room for the unexpected to come. So now we plan at least 2 months ahead, to get the best flight deals, and then we decide where to go along the journey. We just trust the universe, so it will take us where we are supposed to be.


10. Where are you going next?

Vietnam, for Christmas and New year’s, we are so excited about it!


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