Beach Activities to Try


There’s more to spending time on the beach than lazy sunbathing and sipping cocktails. If you enjoy an active summer, the beach may be the best place for taking pleasure in adrenaline raising activities or simply the ones that will ensure lots of fun. Here are our favourite beach activities for all the family to try!


1. Stand-up Paddle Boarding

Stand-up paddle boarding has become hugely popular for those looking to explore and to keep fit. This water sport has its roots in Hawaii. It combines canoeing and surfing. It firstly became popular among surfers and photographers, but then it started expanding further. 


2. Snorkelling

Snorkelling is hugely popular in any destination, its a great way to explore what lies in our ocean after all the earth is 71% covered by water. With so much to explore and learn its a great activity you can do on your own, as a family or in an organised tour. 


3. Yoga

Yoga has become incredibly popular with many yogis heading to beautiful yoga retreats in places like India, Bali and Ibiza. For a more budget friendly experience simply don your yoga gear, grab your mat and head down to the beach to practise your moves. The soothing sounds of the waves will make the experience even more relaxing. 


4. Pedal Boats/Pedalo

A Pedalo is a great activity all ages can enjoy. Pedalo's are powered by one/two people simply peddling as if they are on a bike. Its a great way to explore coastlines and get a little more relaxing workout in. Some pedalo's even have their own slides attached, perfect for kids who don't like to sit down too long!


5. Volleyball 

Volleyball is something all the family and all ages can enjoy, plus its a great way to socialise and mix with other families on the beach! A lot of beaches have volleyball nets now, but you can always mark your net out with towels or stones and alter the rules slightly!


Next time you hit the beach why not give some of these activities a try! Grab your Robert & Son shorts, a cap and importantly have fun. 

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