5 Best Travel Suitcases for Kids!


Do your kids ever have more luggage than you? Or perhaps there is never enough room for that extra must have teddy? Here is our guide for the 5 best travel suitcases for kids that will hopefully start you all off on a stress free holiday!



1. Trunki

You are probably familiar with Trunki already-if you don't already own one you have probably spotted them in airports all over the world! They really are so handy if your child isn't always keen on walking! They have a spacious interior perfect for filling with activity packs for the plane or even their favourite teddy's.They have a pull along feature making them ideal for pulling around the airport-its also super fun for kids! They retail for £34.99 and you can design your own for £44.99 to find out more click here


2. Micro Lazy Luggage 

Lazy luggage is a hand luggage suitcase that can also be used as a shopping trolley and a ride along trike! Ideal if you don't fancy taking the buggy away with you, they are suitable for 18 months upwards. They retail for £164.99 so a little pricey but its very versatile. To find out more click here. 


 3. Yodo Convertible Suitcase

3 Way fun luggage for children! Can be used as a bag, hand luggage or a backpack, features tuck away wheels so perfect for holidays where the kids need a backpack for day trips! It features a snack pouch as well as a large main compartment perfect for all your little ones travel needs! They retail for £24.88. To find out more information click here

4. Content and Calm Traykit

This clever back pack folds out into a tray and is full of travel activities so perfect for taking on road trips or flights! Each kit comes with activity packs, passport holders, key-rings and other fun things for the kids to enjoy. They retail for £14.99. For more information click here.


5. Boostapak

Another brainwave from the Trunki founder. A hand luggage approved backpack that can also be used as a booster seat, this is perfect for long road trips or travels abroad when you want to explore in a hire car.  It has plenty of space for toys and games to keep everyone content during long journeys. It retails at £49.99. For more information click here. 



Don't forget to make room for your Robert and Son Shorts!

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