The Coolest Pool Floats for Summer


There's nothing better than being on holiday, relaxing in the sun whilst floating on the water in an inflatable pool float shaped like a unicorn. If you're going abroad this year and you're not quite sure which inflatable pool companion you should pack this year, let us help. Here is our list of coolest pool floats for the summer:


1.The Pool Lounger

Starting nice and simple. If you're not feeling overly extra and just want something to relax on, the pool lounger chair is the perfect thing for your pool floating needs and it won't break the bank. Sleek and comfortable.


2. The Doughnut

A classic. The doughnut is one of the most popular shapes of pool float. Whether it's plain, patterned or looks like an actual doughnut, it's a practical float that has an exit hole straight through the middle is you fancy a swim. Plus who doesn't love a doughnut?

 3. The Group Pizza Float

Lads holiday abroad or you've got a big family, pizza floats are one of the best things to have. They can separate into individual slices or come to get as one beautiful pie. Cheesy right? It's a novelty item that is god enough to eat. 


4. The Animal Floats

Some pool floats are the best way to entertain your children when on holiday. They can be shaped like their favourite food, cars and also animals. Having an animal float can provide a safer feeling for your children as its like a friend to them, they can talk, swim and relax together. With so many different types out there of all shapes and sizes you're guaranteed to find one they will enjoy.

5. The Obstacle Course.

Not all floats have to be about relaxing. If you love being active, why not give an inflatable obstacle course a go? It may be slightly to big for the pool depending on the size you get, but they can provide hours of fun for people of all ages.






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