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Likkle Swimmers, founded by Keith and Charlotte Holt, was created for the public benefit of a rural fishing community on the south coast of Jamaica called Treasure Beach. It's purpose is to provide free swimming lessons to children aged 3 years and above, and more recently adults. This impoverished coastal community had no access to a public pool or swimming lessons until recently, and this has led to multiple incidents of drowning. 




 In May 2014 a couple visited Treasure Beach, with their two sons, then aged four and three. One morning their four-year-old son was pulled out to sea by a riptide; his father swam out and saved his life, but then tragically drowned. They have since returned to Treasure Beach, including with Charlotte, the boys’ nanny. Charlotte was deeply moved by the strong community spirit in the village, and after leaving their employment in April 2017 went back to Treasure Beach to volunteer for three months in the local nurseries and basic school. While volunteering, she discovered that almost none of the children she worked with could swim. She resolved to set up a charity that would provide the children of the community with this life-saving skill.





 Likkle Swimmers worked with UNICEF in 2018 to provide a public outdoor swimming pool in the village. Likkle Swimmers now provides access to this local swimming pool, where they are taught from a programme designed specifically for their stage of swimming. This was originally started up by Charlotte, and in 2018 Beccy Newman joined as a teacher. Together they trained 8 new Jamaican locals who are now able to run the programme by themselves every summer. The children not only learn a skill that will save lives, but in doing so also improve their self-confidence and independence, thereby benefiting the wider community. They aim to take away the fear of water, and create lots of fun!





 As part of the program, each swimmer receives a certificate, a t-shirt and most importantly a new swimsuit or swimming shorts. The children absolutely love picking out their new swim attire and take great pride in wearing it!




In 2017, 87 children were taught 87 over 3 months.


In 2018, 183 children were taught over 6 months, including nursery and secondary schools as part of their timetable.


In 2019, 150 children and adults were taught over 2 months.


In 2020 they hope to teach even more!'



For the next six months we have decided to partner with Likkle Swimmers, for every full priced pair of swim short sold from now until August we will donate a pair to those student's in need at Likkle Swimmers.

There is nothing we love more than creating memories with our family in our Robert & Son shorts and we hope the community of Treasure Beach will get as much enjoyment out of them as we do.

We hope you will support us and Likkle Swimmers in making sure the locals at Treasure Beach can carry on learning these vital skills in swimwear that fits them correctly.

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  • Posted on by Sanjay Lewis
    This is so amazing as I’m one of the teachers there Charlotte is a good leader who help us and motivate us to bring the best teachings to these kids and adults. Thanks for coming on board. Super happy😃.

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