Must Have Travel Apps


Updated 25th May 2021

Apps are a great way to easily navigate your way around a new place while travelling or for helpful hints on places to eat or simply to translate in areas where English is not a common tongue. Here are our top apps to download ready for your travels. 

Google Maps



Google Maps is absolutely indispensable to any traveling. You can download maps for offline use, you can save locations on your map easily, you can save maps created by yourself or others, get opening hours, see reviews and pictures, and see walking times. 



TripAdvisor is very useful for finding restaurants or tips for your trip. You can learn a lot about a restaurant just from a quick browse on TripAdvisor. The forums are also very useful for asking about itineraries, planning logistics, and tips from others who have traveled there before.


Google Translate

If you're traveling somewhere English is not widely spoken then Google Translate will be incredibly useful. It is an excellent translator, especially with commonly used languages. It also offers the ability to use your camera for live translations of text, translate text on pictures, and use it between languages for a live conversation. 


Pons is a foreign language dictionary and is available in 31 different languages. It offers additional context for language learners and sometimes useful or commonly used phrases to help with the language.


Kayak functions very similar to Skyscanner in that you can browse a wide range of airlines for your flights at once. You can easily track the status of a flight right on the front screen so the ease of this app has definitely improved over the years.

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