Likkle Swimmers Update


Some of you may already be aware that last year we decided to partner with Likkle Swimmers. 

Likkle Swimmers are a small charity helping a rural town in Jamaica to teach local children and adults a vital skill, to swim. 

We are so pleased to announce we will be continuing to support Likkle Swimmers in 2021 where we can with our buy one give one scheme. For every full priced swim short sold we will donate a pair to Likkle Swimmers

Although 2020 was a testing time for us all we are pleased to say we have been able to deliver over 100 swim shorts to the team in London this week which we hope will make it out to Jamaica in the coming months. Taking our total donations up to 206 swim shorts! 

A big thank you for all of your support! Here's hoping for an even more successful 2021!

The Likkle Swimmers team are in the process of building new changing rooms and showers for the swimmers this year so if you would like to donate please do check out their website for more information.

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