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The Meraki Family are a Colombian and Venezuelan family that quit their job to fulfil their dream of travelling around the world. They have been travelling around the world for almost 5 months now. Here we asked them 10 questions about their travels so far. 


1. If you could describe your family in three words what would they be?

Crazy, love, passion


2. What has been your favourite country / city you have visited so far?

There are many, each country has its charm for now we have loved Singapore, a very organised country where the family can have a great quality of life.


3. Angela how have you found travelling while pregnant, will you continue your adventure when the baby arrives?

Angela loves to travel, she loves it and she gets very excited every time she gets on a plane but it is clearly not that simple, the trips are always exhausting so we try to make it quite calm, trips that can be done in 1 day we try to do it in 2 or even in 3. Once the child is born, and his Passport is ready and his health is the best, our travel plan will continue



4. How has Mathias dealt with flying and being on the move, do you have any tips for flying with children?

Mathias loves aeroplanes, he gets excited every time we are in an airport and we go to what he calls a "new house", he hopes to have a new pool and a new space. We have two tips that worked for us to travel with children but they are not the healthiest, hahahaha one is a Tablet and the other is snacks, that entertains them and makes them happy, even when they are still small, a toy for every half hour on the plane is ideal.


5. Do you feel travelling has bought your family closer?

Definitely, before we had a life where everyone went to work and came home tired. We could only spend 2 or 3 hours together, now we have all day for us, we are dedicated to enjoy each other, with respect to our families in Colombia and Venezuela it can be said that now, they see our videos on weekends and it's a way to connect us and we'll have the possibility to visit them more often than before when we lived in China and we were so far away.


6. Is there anywhere you have visited that you feel everyone should try to go?

Each place has something special, for now we have travelled especially in Asia and we recommend it a lot, but it definitely depends more on what each person or family that wants to travel looks for. We love Thailand, Bali is a paradise in Indonesia, Singapore is a modern and organised place for families, the Philippines has the best landscapes we have seen, China has an interesting culture and history, etc.



7. Mathias what has been your favourite experience so far?

He likes it a lot when we go to places for children, from things as simple as an alternative school for children like water parks or theme parks like Universal Studios. In general, you do not need much or do not have many demands to have fun. He can play happily in almost any place.


8. What do you hope Mathias takes away from your adventures?

We hope that he grows with an open mind to the world, that he can adapt and understand any situation, that just as Papa and Mama tried to do what makes them happy, the day that he has the ability and wants to decide for himself and also look for what makes him happy. That he remembers a childhood where his parents were at his side and gave their best for him.


9. Is there anything you can’t live without while travelling?

Although we try to live and enjoy the place where we are, definitely the electronics play a very important role for us, with the cameras we play to take photos and videos that we post on our social networks or use our computers or cell phones to communicate with our families and take a vacation from our vacations.



10. Do you prefer to explore new cities or new beaches?

We are beach people, especially Angela, she grew up on the edge of the beach. We also like to see what the big cities have to offer but we would not change the beach and a good coconut for anything.


As a side line to their travels the Meraki family have started a new project 'Drops Meraki'. The family are selling beautiful necklaces' on their website and for every necklace that is bought it gives a months worth of food to a child in need in Venezuela. To do this the family have partnered with Alimenta La Solidaridad Foundation, a foundation that helps to feed people and children all over Venezuela, this generates work for the people who help in the kitchen and helps to fight the growing numbers of malnutrition across Venezuela. To find out more information or how you can help click here

If you would like to follow along The Meraki families adventure find them on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook,or check out their website. 


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