Costa Rica with Kids


Costa Rica is an ideal tropical location for a family vacation. Often considered an adventure destination, Costa Rica offers so much more than just adrenaline-pumping activities. It’s also a nature-lover’s paradise. It’s extremely family-friendly, and it’s a great place for kids to safely and ethically get up-close and personal with waterfalls, volcanoes, and exotic wildlife. If you are considering a trip to Costa Rica with kids, by all means, BOOK IT! Even visiting Costa Rica with a toddler or a baby can be a great experience, and you’ll make unforgettable memories as a family.

Costa Rica is one of the safest countries in Latin America. The people of Costa Rica live by the saying Pura Vida, which literally translates to “pure life”. Essentially to live pura vida is to live a stress-free life of happiness and relaxation. For this reason, Costa Rica is a very safe place to visit with kids.


Top Activity Picks:

  1. Zip-lining over the forest canopy
  2. Searching for wildlife big and small in the lush rainforest
  3. Watching turtles lay their eggs (summer)
  4. Playing on a dazzling sandy beach
  5. Learning how the Mayans made chocolate and tasting it
  6. Soaking in hot volcanic springs
  7. Taking a lazy raft trip or opting for the adrenalin version

Costa Rica is also a wonderfully easy country to travel in. Distances are small so you can get around the country quickly and easily. Private road transfers or self-driving are popular and the excellent light aircraft network means you can get to almost any airstrip in under an hour.

Places to see:


Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

This accessible cloud forest reserve is Costa Rica’s leading eco-tourist experience and covers an area of 10,500ha in the north west of the country. Made up of 90% virgin forest the reserve’s home to 500 bird and mammal species, over 100 reptile species and 2500 different species of plants.

San Jose

Costa Rica’s capital is where most UK families arrive. It probably won’t be your mind’s eye vision of the country’s idyllic paradise reputation, but it’s a fun place to spend a day or two exploring before you head off on your real holiday. Take a few hours to browse the Museo de Oro and Museo Nacional de Costa Rica or spend an afternoon people watching and listening to music in La Sabana park. Visit Barrio Amón for local restaurants, interesting galleries and shops.


Tortuguero National Park 

Tortuguero translates as Turtle Catcher and the nesting population of Green Sea Turtles, Leatherback and Hawksbill Turtles on Playa Tortuguero is one of the main reasons to visit this stunning conservation area. Tortuguero covers an area of 19,000ha mostly made up of waterways, creeks and lagoons. It’s almost always explored by boat as part of an organised private or group tour. Turtles can be seen on the beach all year round and accompanied evening visits are magical experiences with kids.



Costa Rica’s most northerly city’s an interesting day out if you’re heading Rincón de la Vieja National Park or down to the beautiful beaches on the Nicoya Peninsula. It’s the traditional heartland of the Guanacastle ranching industry and there are intriguing glimpses of El Sabanero culture which little cowhands will like.



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