A Guide to Aberystwyth


Perched in a totally stunning area of West Wales, Aberystwyth is a gorgeous town that has thousands of years of history. In fact, with all the history, quaint little foodie spots and sites to see it’s a totally lovely place for a little getaway.

Now, although Aberyswyth has some pretty historic places to see, it’s also a thriving university town that’s got a lively character to boot. 


Explore Aberystwyth Castle 

Aberystwyth Castle is probably one of the oldest structures in the whole town. Perched right on the seafront, it’s an Edwardian fortress that dates well back to the 1200s. The castle has a long history, with Owain Glyndwr capturing the castle from the invading English back in the 1400s. Then, by the 1600s King Charles I turned the whole castle into a Royal Mint that produced silver shillings for the crown.In more recent years, the castle has fallen into ruins but you can still walk through the towers, rooms and grounds which overlook the Cambrian coast. It really is one of the best things to do in Aberystwyth.


See the sunset from Constitutional Hill 

Yeah, rambling to the top Constitutional Hill is a little workout but well worth it for the views from the top. This is especially true around sunset when the town glows from the sun setting over the sea. Make sure to wear sensible shoes and be very careful around the cliff edges as it can be dangerous. Once at the top, there’s even a little cafe that’s open in the summer months, too. Plus, if you’re feeling really tired, you can always take the Cliff Railway back down. 


Cliff Railway 

Speaking of the Cliff Railway, you can’t really visit Aberystwyth without a little jaunt on it! After all, it’s the longest funicular electric cliff railway in Britain and has been operating since the 1800s. Now run by a non-profit organisation, return tickets cost between £3-5 and is open in the summer months. It’s easily one of the best things to do in Aberystwyth, especially for how historic it is. 


Walk the Promenade 

On a sunny day, one of the best things to do in Aberystwyth has to be to walk the promenade. Dating back to Victorian times, the promenade stretches the whole length of the town and will take you around an hour to a leisurely stroll.

Also, you might notice that at the end of the ‘prom’ there’s a bar that many students kick once they’ve graduated. It’s a little pastime that many people do and you’ll find it around graduation days for sure. Just make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the local dolphins that call this bay home.


Visit the National Library of Wales

So, if you’re a total bookworm, then you’ll likely love the National Library of Wales. Free to enter, it’s one of only a few libraries in the UK that has every book ever published within it. Standing, overlooking the town, the library is easy to get to in a taxi or a walk from the centre itself. It’s the building that looks like Buckingham Palace up on top of the hill. 


Ceredigion Coastal Path 

Another great thing to do if you love a ramble is to join the Ceredigion Coastal Path that stretches the coastline. By joining the path, you can actually explore so much of the coast of this area and see the natural beauty of the Cambrian Coast. 


St Michael's Church 

Perched right behind the castle, St. Michael’s is an impressive church that’s steeped in history. Free to enter, it’s a great place to see one of the most impressive churches in all of West Wales. 


Visit the Pier

So, one of Aberystwyth’s most famous assets has to be the pier that juts out into the sea itself. Here, they have everything from restaurants, games arcades, a night club and a few bars, too. Take a wander around, see the starlings that call the pier home in the summer months and grab a gelato (or two).


Dine at Pysgoty 

If you’re fancying some tasty Welsh cuisine, hop on over to Pysgoty that’s become a firm favourite in Aberystwyth. Each day, the team have a range of fresh fish and specials that are so tasty to try. Just make sure to book a table if you’re visiting on a weekend as tables can book up fast. 

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