25 Ways to Keep the Kids Busy During School Closures


Stuck at home with kids because of school closures? Having a list of ideas to break up the boredom is the best way you can confidently turn off the electronics…at least for a little bit.

Here are 25 ways to keep them busy. 

1. Write to a pen pal 

2. Bring outdoor toys inside 

3. Bake or cook with them

4. Arts & crafts

5. Bring out the nerf guns 

6. Teach them something from your childhood such as a game or a craft 

7. Paint kindness rocks

8. Use educational website 

9. Read books together

10. Scavenger hunt

11. Grow some flowers/vegetables in the garden 

12. Set up an obstacle course in the garden 

13. Build a den 

14. Draw for an elderly relative and then post them the masterpiece 

15. Host a play 

16. Have a dance competition in the kitchen 

17. Play musical chairs 

18. Bring out old board games 

19. Rearrange their bedroom/playroom 

20. Start a YouTube channel reviewing toys, favourite things

21. Order some bath paints online and get creative 

22. Have a picnic in the garden/living room 

23. Go on a fossil hunt in the garden 

24. Order a bird feeder and teach the kids about wildlife 

25. Have a colouring competition 




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