The Best of The Bahamas



Made up of a string of 700 islands, the Bahamas offers stunning golden beaches, breathtaking seascapes and some of the best seafood on the planet. 

It's a paradise waiting to be visited but with so many islands to choose from where should you go? 



Nassau is the capital city of the Bahamas and is situated on Providence Island. It is the busiest place in the whole of the country with the highest population and most tourism. Nassau is one of the most accessible destinations, great for a day trip or for a longer stay. It has some lovely markets, colonial architecture, huge resorts, restaurant's and entertainment.

Blue Lagoon Island

It's possible to take a trip to Blue Lagoon Island from Nassau, which makes it quite busy but very easy to get to. It was once a giant salt marsh but has now been transformed into a lagoon with thousands of palm trees and marine life, one of the highlights here is dolphin spotting. 

Atlantis Paradise Island

This world famous and luxury resort is very close to Nassau. The resort has recreated Atlantis that we all know from Dubai. Here you can find slides, lazy river rides and open pools with hammerhead sharks swimming around. The complex has eight fine dining restaurants and a huge casino. 

Grand Bahama Island

Furthest north the Grand Bahama Island offers everything you could want from a  Caribbean adventure. Here you can find an array of resorts and golf courses. The capital Freeport is very busy but you can also find secluded beaches and explore three national parks.


The Abacos 

Located in the northern parts of the Bahamas, The Abacos are a 120 mile long chain of islands with beautiful pink sandy beaches, coral reefs and forests. Wildlife is abundant here, and here you can also find the swimming pigs. 

Eleuthera & Harbour Island   

One of the oldest settlements in the Bahamas, this place has a lot of history. Harbour Island is home to only 2000 residents, so most of the time you are alone on the beautiful pristine beaches. This is the place to go for ultimate Caribbean seclusion. 


The largest island in the Bahamas but one of the least inhabited. One of the main attractions here is Fly fishing in the many waterways channels and bays. This island has five national parks as well as the second largest coral reef in the western hemisphere, this is the place to go if you love to snorkel and fish!

Long Island

Divers can head out to Long Island an 80 mile long stretch of beautiful coastline. Here you can find both shallow and deep diving spots, including Dean's Blue Hole one of the deepest in the world at 600ft. There is an abundance of turtles and seahorses as well as unique marine life. 

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