Summer Stay-cation Ideas


Summer is the perfect time for family holidays, but not all of them have to be in another country. There are so many things to do in your home country that could provide you with the perfect stay-cation memories.


1. Explore a new park

Check the internet for your city or state to find local park listings. Bring a picnic or take out, plus blankets and you can never go wrong with a football or Frisbee. Explore the wonderful out doors in your local area.


2. Paddle the day away

You might not have a resort pool at your disposal, but you can visit a local swimming pool, beach or just play in the backyard with hoses, squirt guns, and water balloons. It's also a perfect way to cool down in the summer heat. Don't forget to wear your sun cream!


3. Splurge on an activity you wouldn’t normally do

Since you’re not spending money on travelling, do something fun that wouldn’t normally be in your budget, like visiting a theme park, visiting a zoo or wildlife centre, or taking everyone to see a movie in 3D. Road trips are always good ways of spending quality time whilst saving a fortune on travel expenses.


4. Camp out

Pitch the tent in your backyard…or just your living room! Pile it up with blankets and cushions and then tell scary stories by flashlight. No phones, no internet just quality time around a little camp fire. This is also perfect for parents that want a little quite time in the house, set up the kids outside with everything they need and relax. If you're feeling a little more adventurous why not find a local camp site to stay at.


5. Barbeque time!!

Nothing screams staycation like fruity drinks with umbrellas while the smell of burgers on the grill fills the air. Turn on the party music and treat yourself to a night under the stars. This is the summer tradition for most people, get your friends and family round and enjoy some freshly grilled food out in the sun.


6. Enjoy a Movie Marathon

The Netflix binge doesn’t take on the same unhealthy tone as a too-late-night Friday evening session when it’s a daytime marathon session punctuated by warm cookie dough and different friends or family members taking turns with the remote, or playing games to decide which movie or show will play next. This is a fun way to spend time indoors when the weather is bad or the heat just becomes to much.


7. See Live Music

Of course festival season is upon us. How often do you go to concerts or even go see a live band at your local bar? If it's not very often, treat yourself to seeing a band or performer that you love. Get a crew together and make a night out of it with dinner beforehand if you want.Not wanting to pay some crazy prices to camp at a festival, go check out your local pubs to see what bands they have performing. Can't beat the summer sun in a beer garden.


8. Go to a Game

If you're a sports fan, go watch your favourite team play live, even just your local teams. Get your friends and family together and witness some incredible sporting events happening right on your door step.

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