Summer Bucketlist for Kids


Summer time is a wonderful time to be around your families. Sun, beaches, ice creams, every child's dream. But sometimes you can't always think of what to do with the kids whist on a school break. So we have put together a list of things for you to do this summer.

1. Go Fishing

Sometimes on a hot day all you want to do is relax. Why not set up a little picnic, find a fishing friendly river or lake to set up next to. See the excitement on your child's face when they catch their very first fish.

2. Stargaze

Just because it summer doesn't mean you have to take part in thing that involve being out in the sun. Why not treat the kids to a bit of stargazing. Laying out on a blanket, staring up at the stars. Beautiful. You can make it educational too, teach them about the different planets and constellations. Don't forget to make a wish if you see a shooting star.

3.Scavenger Hunt

Whether it's one you create yourself or it one off the internet, scavenger hunts are an amazing way to have fun and pass time. There are tons of apps you can download onto your smartphone that give you ready made treasure hunts to follow. Some even give you certificates for when you've finished that you can print off at home.

 4. Build a sandcastle

When you think of summer what pops into your mind? THE BEACH! Take a drive to your local beach, get an ice cream or some fish and chips to enjoy whilst listening to the sounds of the ocean. Take a paddle in the ocean in your very own Robert and Son swim-shorts. Have a sandcastle competition between your family and friends to see who can use the resources provided by only the sea and sand, to make the biggest and best sandcastle. 

5. Make your own summer wardrobe.

Got some old jeans you just don't wear anymore? Cut them up (whilst being supervised by an adult) and make some really trendy shorts. Boring old white top just not doing it for you anymore? By some fabric dye from your local supermarket or craft store and create a really colourful tie-dye shirt. For further instructions on how to do that, google it and find a plethora of you tube tutorials that will give you a step by step guide. It's not just shirts you can do that with, try it with socks, trousers, short, even pyjamas. But make sure they're white to get the full colour impact. When you've done why not put on a little summer fashion show to display your incredible new outfits.

6.Visit a water/amusement park.

Everyone loves a good roller coaster and when you're battling a heatwave theirs nothing better than a water park. Zooming down the tracks in a giant log straight into a pool of water. Refreshing and fun. No local water parks in your area, a lot of amusement parks contain at least one water based ride to cool yourself off after an adrenaline filled day of speed. 

7. Go Camping

Camping doesn't always mean travelling a million miles in a car until you reach a camp site. You'll be surprised how many hidden sites are in your local area. Pack a tent, some clothes and of course enough food to last the duration of your time there and enjoy roughing it for a few days. No phones, no computers just wildlife and quality family time spent out in the country. Why not search for places to pitch up in your area. 

8. Visit an aquarium or zoo.

Zoo's are one of the most popular family days out in the world, staring into the eye of some of the most exotic creature to step foot on this planet. Whether it's a Lion, Shark, Snake or even a Giraffe there is something for everyone. Some zoos and aquariums even offer the opportunity to feed the animals but don't do it unless you've been invited to. 


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