Say Goodbye to Jet-lag!


The mere mention of jet lag can send a shiver down the spine of any long-distance traveller, who will no doubt have memories of sleepless nights and zombie-like days wasted in a dream destination. Manageable when we’re younger, it definitely gets tougher as we get older, and for many can put them off travelling to certain destinations.

So what is Jet Lag?!

Jet lag occurs when the body clock is disrupted by crossing a number of time zones. Symptoms can include fatigue, disorientation and an inability to sleep and lets face it, it makes us grumpy and can be a real dampener to start your holiday!

The expression goes that west is best, east is a beast, and it’s true. This is because you’ll end up trying to get to sleep when your body is actually waking up, meaning you’re forced to get up at what feels like the middle of the night. But it shouldn't be a reason to put you off travelling to new destinations! Here are 8 handy tips to kick your holiday off to a great start jet lag free!


1. Adapt to local time

Set your watch to the local time at the destination you are heading to as soon as you board the plane. This is great for easing you and your family in to a new routine for sleep and eating!

2. Avoid arriving at night

Although many of us love to do this (as it makes for a lovely surprise in the morning when you first open your blinds to beautiful views) it can actually disrupt your sleeping pattern big time! Arriving in daylight means many of us like to explore and get to know the area/hotel we are in, meaning we are more likely to adjust to new time schedules. 

3. Avoid the bar

For many a nice G&T on the flight is a great way to kick of your holiday, but in actual fact the effects of alcohol at altitude will increase tiredness and cause dehydration, making it even harder to beat the inevitable jet lag. Save your G&T for arrival!

4. Goodbye caffeine

Caffeine-heavy beverages such as coffee, cola and energy drinks are artificial stimulants which will effect your ability to sleep and increase your jet lag recovery time. Take plenty of herbal tea bags on your flight and opt for these instead- after all hot water is free and limitless!

5. Keep the blood flowing

Sitting down in the same position for hours on end is uncomfortable and can cause no end of back problems and swollen ankles, in more extreme cases it can increase your risk of blood clots. Every few hours or so get up and walk the length of the plane and do some stretches to release some endorphins to make your body feel better. 

6. Use earplugs and eye-masks

Sleep as much as you can on the plane- try to avoid sleeping pills as these can often make you very fuzzy when you land and they aren't always the best option to help with jet lag, try a herbal tea, an eye mask and some ear plugs to block out any noise or light. 

7. Avoid carb heavy meals

Try to eat as healthy as possible. Filling up on carbs and sugar will only make you more sleepy and sluggish for when you land. It is proven that it is harder to digest at higher altitudes, try to eat before you board your flight, or take with you plenty of fruit or a salad and cereal bars/dried fruit to keep you going. 

8. Get in the sun!

When you arrive get as much daylight as you can, sunlight makes you feel 100% times better! 



 Hopefully doing these simply steps will help you start your holiday the right way! Is there anything you do to try and combat jet lag? Let us know in the comments!

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