Knysna: What to see and do


The Garden Route pretty much runs from Mossel Bay in the West to Storms River in the East and spans a distance of just over 200km. Somewhere in between, you will find Knysna; a natural paradise of lush, indigenous forests, golden beaches, and tranquil lakes. Famed for many things – oysters, the Brenton blue, Knysna heads, and seahorses, it’s the forests and lagoon that are the heart and soul of this coastal town.

You absolutely need a car if you plan on exploring South Africa properly. It’s a big country and there’s no convenient public transport system like you would find in much of Europe. Sure, there are buses, trains, and taxi services but they don’t operate as efficiently or effectively. Ultimately you could take a roadtrip or you can fly into George airport or Plettenberg Bay airport and hire a car. The trip from George to Knysna will take you about 45 minutes depending on traffic. It is a beautiful and scenic route though.The distance from Knysna to Plettenberg Bay is approximately 33 km. The drive will take you about 30 minutes. This means it’s very easy to travel between the two destinations during your stay. Knysna and Plettenberg Bay are two of the most popular places to visit in the Garden Route.

If you Google Knysna what to do, you will find that the list of Knsyna activities is just about endless. Knysna South Africa may be small in size, but it has a lot to offer. First, there are incredible views of the sea, lagoon, and famous Knysna Heads. The lagoon is loved for watersports and the Knsyna boat tours. The surrounding Green Hills extend into beautiful forests abundant with birdlife, hiking and biking trails and pretty picnic spots.


Thesen Island

Thesen Island  is a piece of heaven and one of the best places to catch a beautiful sunset. If you are not staying on the island you should at least stop by here to have a look. It is a marina development located in the Knysna estuary. It’s spread out over 90 hectares and consists of 19 man-made islands that are linked by 21 arched bridges and surrounded by 25 hectares of tidal waterways.


Take a ferry trip across the lagoon

There are several lagoon cruises available from the Waterfront to the Knysna Heads. Truthfully it doesn’t matter which one you take – just do it. Whether it’s the sunset cruise, a luxury cruise on the catamaran yacht, or the three legs lagoon cruise which is a fun and adventurous cruise to the Heads, Otter Cove, and Island Rock, a trip to Knysna Heads is a prerequisite for first time visitors.


Visit the Waterfront

A trip to Knysna is not complete without a visit to the famous Knysna Waterfront Quays. As one of the most popular shopping destinations in the region, it boasts a spectacular marina, a base for luxury yachts and many of the cruises that the Knysna attractions have to offer – chartering into the pristine Knysna lagoon.


Do a Knysna Hiking Trail 

Knysna is a haven for the outdoor enthusiast and nature-lover. It offers many forest walks and hiking trails that are suitable for all fitness levels. Whether it’s a peaceful one-hour walk through the lush forests and valleys or a more strenuous full day hike through the dunes and mountains, experiencing the Knysna activities wouldn’t be complete without exploring it’s lush scenery

Swim in the Lagoon at the beach of Milkwood Collection 

While the Knysna attractions boast some beautiful beaches, most of them have quite rough seas and are not great for swimming. But there is not much that beats swimming in the lagoon. Knysna lagoon is an estuary and a water sport haven. Water skiing, wakeboarding and tubing on the lagoon are endless fun for people of all ages. Canoeing, kayaking and sailing are some of the favourites among visitors and fishing is also a popular activity. But, sometimes you just want to take a swim, right?

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