Father and Son Activities for Half Term

February Half term is fast approaching and what better way to get of to a good start than a little bit of father & son bonding! Here are some ideas to keep you and your son busy this half term.


1. Archery

Archery is a lost art to many kids these days, but it can teach important skills like discipline, practice, aim and setting goals. It teaches kids that if something isn’t working, a small tweak in what you’re doing can have radical results. That’s a valuable lesson to learn, isn’t it?

2. Bike Rides

A bike ride is a great way to get out for some fresh air and explore! Try off the beaten tracks in woods where you might come across some mud hills or roots to jump over! 

3. Camping

It might be a little chilly in February but why not set up a tent in the garden, roast some marshmallows and tell ghost stories under torch light- its a great way to spend an evening even if you end up coming inside to sleep! Alternatively make a tent out of blankets and camp out in your sitting room!

4. Archaeological Digs

Get some dinosaur kits and bury them in your garden or in a sand pit and spend an afternoon carefully dusting away the dirt with a paint brush and searching for remains of your favourite dinos! More often than not your little ones can tell you some fun facts about their favourite dinosaurs that you probably didn't even know!

5. Take a Trip to the Barbers

Where do men from all walks of life congregate? At the barbershop! Spend the morning getting fresh new haircuts and follow up with a hot chocolate from the local cafe!

6. Golf 

Head down to your local practice ground or pitch and put and have a little competition against each other!

7. Swimming 

Take a trip to your local swimming pool and race against each other! Great for when the weather isn't on side! Don't forget to take your Robert & Son shorts!

8. Car Show

Check to see if there are any car shows on nearby. A great day out where you can both experience everything from Monster Trucks to vintage cars!

9. Fishing

Want your son to learn to be more patient? Take him fishing. Learning to bait a hook, casting in just the right place and waiting for that fish to bite are all excellent for teaching the virtue of patience. Because fishing’s a quiet activity, it’s easy to make conversation.

10. Video Games

Sometimes, it’s important that you learn from your son instead of trying to teach all the lessons yourself. If your son is into video games, this is your chance to enjoy one of his hobbies instead of forcing him into one of yours. 

Whatever you choose to do this half term just have fun!

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