Aitutaki, Cook Islands


Imagine the clearest lagoon in all shades of turquoise, colorful corals, tropical fishes, stretches of long sand bars, sugar white powdery beaches, fringed palm trees and almost no people. Sounds like a postcard, right? I'll promise, Aitutaki is better than any postcard you've seen in your life.  It's a real paradise. Aitutaki is a place where you can forget anything and just focus on the stunning nature, this place is almost surreal in its beauty...

Aitutaki is an island that belongs to The Cook Islands. The Cook Islands are northeast of New Zealand floating in the south pacific. 

What to do in Aitutaki

Popular activities are windsurfing, kayaking, boat cruises, lagoon tours, diving and snorkel trips. Aitutaki is well known for its beautiful coral lagoon. You can imagine, the underwater life is superb. And if that's all too much, just do beach bumming, have a picnic or get a tan. Or play golf on the islands 9-hole golf course. Alternatively, if you want to explore the island, rent a scooter, bike or a car and get lost (don't worry, the place isn't too big). Drive up to the highest point (Maungapu) and have a terrific view over the lagoon. You'll discover pristine beaches and plantations of bananas.


How to get to Aitutaki

If you're not from New Zealand, you'll be traveling a long way to get there. But I'll guarantee, it's all worth it. Depending where you coming from, all flights to the Cook Islands are via Los Angeles or Auckland (New Zealand). The international airport is located in Rarotonga, the most populous island and the tourism hub of the Cook Islands. To reach Aitutaki, you can take the inter-island cargo ships (up to 24 hours) or you do the fast way and fly in less than 1 hour. There are several daily flights from Rarotonga to Aitutaki Airport.

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