5 Places to Spend Christmas on the Beach


Whilst a large portion of people enjoy spending the festive period within the comfort of their own home, equally as many people prefer jumping on a plane and flying off to crazy places for Christmas. If you’re the latter, we have some incredible beach destinations waiting for you, where you can stretch your legs, catch the sun and sip on your favourite cocktail all day long. Unsure of where to go this Christmas? Just keep reading…


Costa Rica

You won’t regret spending your Christmas on Costa Rica beaches if you’re simply looking to spend some relaxing time on the beach whilst still enjoying the celebrations. When visiting Costa Rica, it would be rude not to experience some of their incredible wild life or aquatic life, so why not wander to Corcovada National Park to spot some humpback and sperm whales – after all, you may never get that opportunity again! Plus, Christmas celebrations continue for weeks in Costa Rica, so make sure you visit some of their incredible Christmas beach parades, such as El Festivals de Luzes, a night time parade with a large array of captivating lights.



Christmas falls in the very first month of summer in Australia, so you can definitely expect scorching hot temperatures when visiting this destination this Christmas. For a Christmas experience like no other, Australia is the location for you, from snorkelling with fish to having a ‘cracking’ BBQ on the warm beach sands as opposed to the traditional roast turkey. Aussie’s love Christmas and you’ll definitely enjoy the festivities when seeing how competitive the neighbours can be with their Christmas lights and decorations. Plus, why not extend your stay and experience the New Year parades held in Sydney every year? The fireworks are bound to blow you away.


Bora Bora

If there’s a country that boasts the perfect turquoise ocean, Bora Bora is the place. If you want your Christmas beach trip to be filled with warm waters, this might be the destination for you this year. The opportunity to relax is fully emphasised here, with many spa resorts located on or very near the beach, allowing you to unwind after the stressful Christmas rush, as well as absorb the stunning surroundings that Bora Bora’s beaches have on offer. Of course, there are festivities here, with many events happening on the beaches to celebrate the magical time of year. To finish the whole experience off, why not enjoy a special champagne cocktail alongside a Gala buffet?



Christmas is a huge trend in Belize, so much so that it’s celebrated throughout the entire month of December, so it isn’t a location for the “Bah humbugs” among us. It doesn’t matter whether you’re simply looking for a relaxing Christmas break, or you want a once-in-a-lifetime experience, because Belize beaches have it all. You can kick back and soak up the picturesque beach surroundings and even embrace the festive culture at Belize, partaking in a range of crazy festivals. On the popular Santa Cruz beach, you will be presented with deer dances as well as fancy costumes and performances in a vibrant cultural spectacle. From midnight masses to stunning nearby penthouses to stay in and marvel at the views, a Belize beach Christmas could be the perfect option.


Turks and Caicos

If it’s complete luxury that you want this Christmas, you needn’t look any further than Turks and Caicos’ high-end beaches. All beach resorts are decorated in a truly traditional Christmas style, emitting nothing but elegance and sparkle. You will feel like a true movie star wandering the 12-mile long Grace Bay Beach, with pearl-coloured sands and endless trees holding exotic coconuts next to the crystal clear ocean. Luxury doesn’t just end at the beach, as resorts such as the Alexandra Resort will offer nothing less than perfection, giving you a prime view of the beautiful beaches at Turks and Caicos. Plus, when feeling peckish, you can dine out at the Anacaona, the top gourmet restaurant in the area.


So if you're tempted to jet of to one of these luxurious destination's don't forget your Robert & Son Swim shorts before you head of!

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